My Journey in SCSG

As a Cub:

I joined Sri Chamundi Scout Group (SCSG) when I was 7 year old boy on 2nd July, 2005 (My Birthday), thanks to my sister. As a young boy I was only playing around with my friends without any knowledge of scouting and its impact on me. When I was introduced into Sixer system I gradually got to know about badges, pack leadership and scouting culture. My endorphin was high during camps and I started to participate in all activities during camps, rallies, jamborees and other events. I earned my Chaturtha Charan Badge, which is the second highest badge in cub section.

As a Scout:

When I became a scout I was allotted to Panther’s Patrol and my journey in this section went smooth as I had already adapted to culture of SCSG. My adventure as a scout started by interacting with scouts of various age groups in my patrol. The daily activities included classes and practical sessions on scouting, playing sports and various other cultural and literary activities. I was actively participating in all these activities. As a scout I was nurtured under the guidance of Scout Master, Troop Leader and Patrol Leader and many other seniors. My interests in pioneering led me to involve myself in pioneering activities during our group’s annual day, participated in various rallies and camps etc.

St. Joseph Rally: This was one of the memorable rally for me, this rally brought me competitive spirit and observational skills. Even though my role was minimal in this rally I got an opportunity to assist and observe how our patrol and troop leaders work together in order to win a competition (which suits our SCSG motto Work & Win). We had built a suspension flag staff and an improvised shelter in Pioneer. Some more scouts and guides of our group participated in cooking without fire, literary competitions, First Aid and many more competitions. Our flag staff was reviewed by judges and it was appreciated. Overall it was a nice experience for me in my younger days.

Camping Experience: I have missed only one camp in my scouting tenure. Camps has given me lot of experience in handling inventory, scheduling activities, building gadgets necessary for a camp site, handling camp accounts etc. As a patrol member I learnt the importance of being together in patrol through keeping patrol’s accessories like plates, tumbler and water bottles in a bag in order to save time and to be on schedule. My contribution in activities was helping our patrol to achieve win over other patrols. There was lots of learning from observing how other patrol’s were performing in camp. When I became Patrol Leader my responsibility increased as we had to conduct COH and plan for the camp, keep the camp schedule on time, managing resources, organize the activities etc. Apart from group camps I participated in Testing and Training camps organized by BSG-Karnataka and BSG-India. These testing camps helped me in showcasing the scouting skills which I had acquired in daily group activities. As “Chamundis” my batch used to lead others in testing camps. One of us in a batch used to take roles in these testing camps such as Flag duty or BP Six Exercise Instructors or troop leaders etc. These testing camps gave us an opportunity to meet other scouts from various districts and states. I completed my Rashtrapathi Badge (Highest Rank badge in Scouting) testing camp in 2015 and was awarded with certificate on 24th July 2015.

Impact of Scouting on my Career:

Scouting made me to grow strong in physical activities, develop punctuality, discipline and right attitude towards everything and everyone. My physical abilities in sports was improved which made me to represent my school in sports like Cricket and Badminton in District and state levels. As a Chamundi Scout I was recognized in my school by our teachers. SCSG gave me the opportunity to handle daily, camps and events accounts which made me to realize the importance of money handling and savings. Events like Harshotsava, District level seminars etc. gave me the tremendous exposure on planning the events, handling money, importance of team work, working with elders, facing challenges and disasters etc. Camps gave me the ability to live by myself, pack my own bags and look after my own things and group’s things. Throughout the times SCSG has provided freedom to explore things based upon interests of Troop/Company or individual.

As much as I loved the impact it had on me, my times at SCSG were and will be auspicious and cheerful. The life of a child can lead to confusion, doubt and turmoil and for me it took a long time to find balance. However I am still learning resilience, the power of empathy and compassion towards other. I am and will continue to serve the SCSG in my best possible way.

Once a Scout Always a Scout!!

Once a Chamundi Always a Chamundi!!

Dheeraj K G (Rover)