The Best Cub Masters

A Cub Master/Flock Leader provides young cubs and bulbuls much needed guidance. They teach cubs and bulbuls  basic skills, and how to properly conduct themselves, preparing them for the bright and vibrant futures that lie ahead. In this article I would like to talk about my cub masters, who I consider to be the best. (Vivek and Sanketh) 

Hello dear readers, in this article I would like to talk on behalf of my batch about the two best cub masters in our scout group. First of all, we are so lucky to have such good and the most friendly teachers in our lives. We learnt, played and enjoyed those days to the best. The two best cub masters are brother Sanketh and brother Vivek. We are really blessed to have them.

But the saddest thing is that we miss bro Vivek who passed away in the year 2012 at a very young age. Vivek was a very cheerful and happy person. He taught us so much about scouting and cubbing. He taught us basic manners and discipline we need in life. The best part of any camp at that time was, he used to tell us the mowgli story inside the forest at night with a torch struck in his hat. We had to make many more memories with him.

As we know, brother Sanketh is one of his best friends. They were like brothers. Sanketh is also a very sweet friend to us. He also taught us so much. We had so much fun in the summer holidays while learning things. I still remember him scaring us at one moment while we were writing our logbooks. Those were the days of real fun and we do miss it. Presently, Sanketh is the most fit person in our group and he is helping many others to keep fit. That indeed is a wonderful job.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the great teachers for all they have given to us.

– Ashwin S (Panther’s Patrol)