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Scouting is all about service & doing good turn

The Scout movement, also known as Scouting was founded by Lord Baden Powell of Gilwell in 1907. Sri Chamundi Scout Group also known as 21st Bangalore is one of the oldest open units in India. Founded in the year 1918 by Sri M.H.Ramachandra Rao. Under the guidance of Sri K Narasimha Murthy, our group trains boys and girls of all age groups in various fields such as first aid, pioneering, astronomy, adventure, self reliance, rescue, disaster management, leadership skills and of course the main thing being discipline.


Sri Chamundi Scout Group’s vision is to keep alive the Spirit of Scouting & Guiding. Sri Chamundi Scout Group also aims to bring the fundamentals and movement spirit of Scouting and Guiding into communities in which we live.


Sri Chamundi Scout Group’s mission is to impart humanity, mental alertness, moral straightness and higher ethics associated with skilled training to suit modern day scouting without giving any room for politics, conservative attitude.


Sri Chamundi Scout Group’s motto is ‘Work & Win’, which essentially means that boys & girls must be willing to work hard in order to achieve their goals, to succeed in their lives through only self reliance, individual spirit & set a living example.

SCSG is a community driven organization

Our scout group carries utmost glory and functions 365 days of the year with a focused goal of nurturing youngsters  into responsible citizens through the most experiential and effective way of life. Right from the day of our inception, Sri Chamundi Scout Group is doing yeoman service for the society and youths of the country in many constructive fields.

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A boy who has completed 5 but not 10 years of age is eligible to become a Cub. Cubs are collectively addressed as ‘Pack’. The leader of Cubs is called as ‘Cub Master’, affectionately known as ‘Akela’


In scouting movement, group of girls aging from 5 to 10 is termed as Bulbuls. Bulbuls represent a family of singing birds. Bulbuls are collectively addressed as ‘Flock’. The leader of the Bulbuls is called as ‘Flock Leader’.


A boy who has completed 10 but not 16 years of age is eligible to become a Scout. Scouts are collectively addressed as ‘Troop’. The leader of Scouts is called as ‘Scout Master’.


Group of girls aged between 10 and 16 are termed as Guides. Guides are collectively addressed as ‘Company’. The leader of Guides is called as ‘Company Leader’.