Scout Master | Guide Captain

Scouts & Guides are young adolescents who are eager & ready for adventure. A Scout Master/Guide Captain ensures that they have the necessary knowledge to make good decisions for themselves during the course of their progression.

Our Scout Masters

  • Bro. K Narasimha Murthy
  • Bro. M D Ramanujam
  • Bro. K N Hemanth Kumar
  • Bro. R M Srivas
  • Bro. Anand M
  • Bro. Krishna Raj
  • Bro. Gurusimha Murthy
  • Bro. Ananth K
  • Bro. Surya Sharma S L
  • Bro. Karthik B N
  • Bro. Shivaprasad
  • Bro. M P Srinivas
  • Sis. Rupa Hemanth

Our Guide Captains

  • Sis. Ashwini M S
  • Sis. Jyothi
  • Sis. Bhavani