Scouting is Outing.. this saying goes without a second thought. The Centenary Year was started with the Seniors of the group set the pace of the year with the starting of Chaddar Lake trek in Jan. 10 members of the group earmarked on this grueling trek on frozen lake. The Motto "Be Prepared" and the eternal scouting "brotherhood" was tested to the core during this adventure. With determination and grit, the trek was successful albeit couple of cliff hanging situations which the members overcame. The members came back with much more determination to taking scouting to newer heights.

Other activities in January: Group members participated in State level youth meet program on 12th and 13th, followed by Republic day celebration at the group and at HQ. At the Group, Investiture ceremony, Crossing over ceremony ( from Cubbing to Scouting ), Proficiency badge award ceremonies were part of the Republic Day activities.

February: Group celebrated "Founders day"on Feb 22nd.

March: Scouts and Guides along with Cubs and Bulbuls were part of Field learning to IISC Bangalore (open day) on March 10th. Everyone got to experience the latest trends in Science and Technology. Budding scientists and physicists took keen interest in pure science learnings.

Young and Old celebrated the festival of colors "Holi" on 3rd March.
The summer vacation started with a Trek to Tadiandamol on 29th to 31st.
April:The most awaited event of the summer, Annual summer camp was from 26th to 29th.
May: Founders week celebration during the 1st week. Karnataka State election awareness route march on 5th.
June: World environment day was observed on 5th and World yoga day on 21st. Scouting with nature is the best. Scout and Guides took part in the Horticulture training program at Lalbagh on June 23rd. The follow up session was on July 7th and July 21st. "Messenger of Peace program" was organized during the 30th.
July: A workshop was conducted on the 8th for Facebook advertising.
Below are the Photos of the Training sessions at Horticulture Department, Lalbagh, Bangalore.